As we welcome the New Year with new hopes…

It was officially the first year of real sensible business that we did this year. We owe it all to our customers. It was a bitter-sweet symphony across all set of customers. We love our customers and their challenging requirements. In a services company, is usually the case that there exists a tussle with customers in terms of negotiations, time frame, quality etc. However, that is part and parcel of the business, we believe.

We did few things that were right while some needed major re-factoring in approach and implementation. We want our customers to realize that we want to excel in delivering your requirements. We want to ensure that all our projects are executed with top Quality.

Moreover, here is a list of our ‘do’s’ that we want our customers to know:

1) We respond to your emails and tickets in not more than 24 hours of time.
2) We take your inputs positively and implement them accordingly.
3) We want to create best products that amplify your success..
4) We want to constantly improve, but improvement takes time and comes with experience.
5) While we are committed to you, we are equally committed to our employees.
6) We intend to create better business relationships with you in the coming years.
7) Although we value relationships, we want to be paid for every activity because that is the basis of our business.
8) We want our creations to be of highest quality and we will ensure that we do it.
9) We expect our payments on time.

Having said this, we have already brought about the following changes:

1) We have enhanced our design skills
2) Software Development is a process and we’ve improved ours by introducing source code revision system. Employees are encouraged to learn the newest standards and breakthroughs in technology and implement them in the company.
3) Reporting is our forte in letting our Customers know of the work done in their Projects

Our progressive plans on improvement-

1) Improve our QA process to perfection.
2) Introduce a better Project Management system to help our Customers get 100% visibility & control over their Projects.
3) Have more commitment to quality deliverable.
4) All projects go through a wire frame and a flow document before we start coding which will supposedly reduce the amount expectations we need to manage per customer/project.

We want to be a world-class Mobile App company and our customers can help us be the ONE!